Join over 300 Australian golfers who have improved their swing using our method

The program is designed for golfers who have tried everything, are fed up, and just want to improve their swing, enjoy their golf and lower their scores.

So if you want to:

  • Learn from a local Gold Coast coach
  • Get more power and distance
  • Better ball striking and control
  • Improve your chipping and putting
  • Hit more greens
  • To Drop your handicap
  • Reduce you shots by between 2 and 15
  • Are interested in learning golf

One on One coaching that will get you results!

YES! I want to improve my golf swing

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    Hit the ball further

    Clean striking ability!
    Hint: It’s not about trying to hit it harder.
    Put simply, if you don’t know how to strike the ball, you can’t play golf

    Hitting the ball with the right power so the ball lands where you want it to.

    Knowing the optimum ball position in your stance in relation to your setup.

    Hit the ball straighter

    Learn a technique that takes the slice and hook out of your game so that you can hit the ball cleanly and smoothly.

    Correct setup, routine to optimise shot consistency.

    Learn how to correctly set up so that you can swing cleanly and make good contact with the ball every time.

    Hit your target

    Hitting the correct part of the ball instead of hitting the top or hitting the ground.

    Ensuring that your shaft position is correctly positioned.

    Knowing the correct impact position in relation to your body and the club being used.